March 20, 2009

The next step in the evolution of turntablism

Wish you had a way of scratch-a-latachin and changing the notes of a record (without messing with the pitch control) at the same time?! Yeah right, huh? Imagine having guitar frets infused with your fader. Well you don't have to imagine anymore cause hurr it is! He calls it the Fretless Fader. This dude just took scratching to a whole nother level. Done with Finals! Off to New Orleans to build houses and make a movie with my new DVX-100. Praise scholarships! See yall in a week. -Chris G. BTW, props to Tad and DJ Phatrick for putting out the "A Song For Ourselves" mixtape. It's been the ONLY thing playing on my Sansa, bootleg Ipod since it came out.