July 31, 2008

Journey At The Center Of The Earth & Arnel

my dude tim sent me this trailer and all i can say is clever, clever, clever! i actually want to get my head adjusted and see the newest remake of this flick in 3D, plus i'm ashamed to admit it but i am a closeted journey fan... journey has been getting a lot of press lately since they recently picked up a new lead singer arnel pineda...oh yeah, he's fuckin filipino! as odd as it sounds (and looks) this FOBulous muafucka can sang! here he is with his old band "the zoo" covering journey: disguys is the ultimate cover singer cause dude can change his voice to each song. this is him covering the eagles "hotel california": still don't believe arnel is the troof? whachuknow about "roxanne"? -tadillac

July 29, 2008

"No Homo(phobia)" Vote NO on Prop. 8!

just heard from my sister thai that Proposition 8, a proposed amendment to cali's constitution to eliminate same sex marriage, will officially be on the november ballot. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ever since cali's supreme court ruled that any prohibitions on same-sex marriage is considered a violation of the state's constitution, paranoid and conservative dumb-fucks have been trying to get this proposition on the ballot. this shit is so stupid even john mccain opposes it! even if your a total homophob bible-banger (whoa i just felt a earthquake! seriously!) just look at the economic revenue that same sex marriages could generate for our broke-ass state. According to the UCLA School of Law, cali could generate $683.6 million over the next 3 years and over 2,178 jobs in travel-related business. if nothing else, just listen to ali wong and sir charles:
What Charles Ses - Episode 2 from Ali Wong on Vimeo. speaking of the november election, cop blacklava's new obama shirt: Photobucket -tadillac

July 24, 2008

"Put On" by Young Jeezy Feat. Kanye

still trying to justify being a jeezy fan and still losing more and more respect for kanye. this video is another example of how a director can inject a little content into a grustlers anthem. according to this article the video was co-directed by the $nowman himself and gil green. -tadillac

July 23, 2008

What Keeps Me Going

i'm working on some grant reports and had to document any press that my film pilgrimage got and i came up on this write-up in the bay city news. reason for this post is not the article but the comment that someone left on the website. check this shit out: Comments from Examiner Readers 2:10 PM MST on Thu., Jan. 17, 2008 re: "U.C. student's film screens at Sundance" M.S. Jackson said: While it is not pretty that this happened to Japanese Americans there is no question that that comnmunity was very insular (and still is)and mysterious and Japanese during a period when their country of origin was as truly evil as Nazi Germany. Also, there were pleanty of legitimate spies within the Japanese American community so it was not a 100 percent unfounded paranoia, especially when considering the full scale war between Jaopan and USA at the time. It would be easier to swallow this tripe if a Japanese American would do a documentary on the mass murder that is as much their heritage as the mild suffering in the internment camps. Using the term concentration camp is a cheap and illicit attempt to cash in on the real suffering and death that Japan (and Germany)rained on their victims. In any event, I would have thought Japanese Americans would have percieved themselves as too superior for self pity. wow! i've always thought that most people who leave comments on websites, especially youtube, (or call into talk radio stations) got problems and this only proves my point. but at the same time i think its good for us to read this shit once in a while cause it keeps us grounded and reminds us why we do what we do. i think the biggest wake-up call i ever got was when someone left a hate message for my dad when i was an undergrad at ucla. some muafucka straight up said "nakamura you jap, you're gonna get it!". ahhh america! -the mysterious evil one

July 14, 2008

Ryan Leslie

just jacked these videos of ryan leslie in the studio from the homie dj phatrick's blog. both videos are just rediculi... -tadillac

July 12, 2008

"Sly Fox" by Nas

i'm not nearly as big a nas fan as ET and i wasn't really following all the hype surrounding his new album but this video did grab my attention, i just wish there was a direct hit on michelle malkin's dumb ass. the ending is a little cheesy but the message is pretty much what i'm all about. the video is directed by rik cordero who seems to be directing every music video i've seen lately. respect to rik for not only doin' it big, but doin' it right. -tadillac

July 11, 2008

Don't sleep on Zo! & Tigallo

Photobucket oh shit! phonte from little brother and zo! have a new collabo project strickly of 80's covers...wuut! the EP titled "zo and tigallo love the 80's" will drop sometime this month. but don't sleep, according to the notorious b.l.o.g. only 2,500 limited edition cd's will be pressed, no reprints. just listen to their cover of human league's human: Human (ft. Carlitta Durand) - Zo! and Tigallo after hearing that track it was a wrap. i just copped the presale cd here. if you've ever been to a little brother show you know that phonte is a fool who loves to sing. when i saw them a couple years ago in LA he ended the show by singing "kiss" by prince. here's phonte singing a little "man in the mirror": -tadillac

Pilgrimage Gets Blog Love

for all three of you who read this blog its obvious that i am a huge blue scholars fan. that's why i was really honored when i saw that emcee geologic (1/2 of the group) had written a real dope review of my film pilgrimage on his blog. over the last 3 years my respect for the scholars' music and hustle has really grown as they are hands down my favorite hip-hop group out right now. another reason why their shit is so inspiring to me is that even though we don't rep the same city, share the same ethnicity or community, i feel they really represent our generation of artists, both politically and aesthetically, to a broader audience. i mean when was the last time you watched mtv and saw this: blue scholars are currently on a 3 month doin'-it-big tour with hieroglyphics which is coming to LA this saturday at the el rey theater. i also recently found out that pilgrimage had gotten some online-ink following sundance. from the pbs p.o.v blog: "Pilgrimage, on the other hand, made me cry — which is difficult for me in 22 minutes!...The film feels like an Asian hip-hop music video, and explores the tragic history of the Japanese concentration camps in California during World War II." from the oxford university press blog: "Easily the most impressive short I saw while at Sundance was Tadashi Nakamura’s Pilgrimage, a retelling of the civil rights movements Japanese-Americans waged to get recognition of World War II internment. (One of the heroes is Tadashi’s dad, Robert.) It’s a great story, 1970s history told with 21st century music. This is both a film worth watching, and also a calling card for Tadashi. Look for him." apologizes for such a self-centered post... -tadillac

July 8, 2008

Stevie at the Bowl

Photobucket last night cindy and i saw stevie wonder at the hollywood bowl. the show was everything i expected and a little more. he sang most of the hits i came to hear (except lately), the show would've had to be twice as long for him to perform all of them. highlights from the show was his 6 yr old son playing the drums (stevie is 57), his subtle obama plug at the end of the show, and performing "people make the world go round" with the talk box - here's a clip (the image sucks but the audio is pretty good, peep it before it gets taken off youtube): speaking of stevie : here's stevie in the day killin it on sesame street: -tadillac

July 2, 2008

For All You Warrior Fans...

to combine the subjects of the last two posts, here's a lil something for all you warrior fans (wadup kori!) to help you get through the heartbreak of baron leaving your asses...let it burn y'all: -tadillac

B. Diddy is Coming Home

Photobucket that's right, LA native baron davis has had enough of the bay and is coming home! after opting out of his last year with the booty-ass warriors, baron is expected to sign with the clippers for a $65 mill / 5 year deal. again, the warriors fail to retain their best player, something they have become experts on over the years. sorry warriors fans, baron was just tired of losing! remember the last time baron played for an LA team: -tadillac

The Boondocks Season 2 on DVD

Photobucket since i don't have cable nor do i really watch tv these days, i've been waiting for the second season of the boondocks to come out on dvd. before i could even netflix n' burn, cindy came thru and copped the dvd set for me (thanks cindy!). i didn't really follow the comic strip that much because reading was involved, but once roger put me on to the first season of the animated series, i instantly became a huge fan. similar to chappelle's show, the boondocks is one of the only tv shows that is hella funny, the beats slap hard and most importantly is on-point with its critical social and political analysis. i've only watch the first of three discs but so far i haven't been disappointed. i mean what other show could get charlie murphy, samuel l. jackson, snoop, ghostface, and kat williams? check out the "Thank You for Not Snitching" episode: -tadillac