July 29, 2008

"No Homo(phobia)" Vote NO on Prop. 8!

just heard from my sister thai that Proposition 8, a proposed amendment to cali's constitution to eliminate same sex marriage, will officially be on the november ballot. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ever since cali's supreme court ruled that any prohibitions on same-sex marriage is considered a violation of the state's constitution, paranoid and conservative dumb-fucks have been trying to get this proposition on the ballot. this shit is so stupid even john mccain opposes it! even if your a total homophob bible-banger (whoa i just felt a earthquake! seriously!) just look at the economic revenue that same sex marriages could generate for our broke-ass state. According to the UCLA School of Law, cali could generate $683.6 million over the next 3 years and over 2,178 jobs in travel-related business. if nothing else, just listen to ali wong and sir charles:
What Charles Ses - Episode 2 from Ali Wong on Vimeo. speaking of the november election, cop blacklava's new obama shirt: Photobucket -tadillac

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