April 30, 2009


If this is what google workers get for a lunchbreak then I need to switch majors. Video is kinda long (18 minutes?!), I suggest just watching the first part with the dude on the flute. The other guy annoyed me. For more fresh clips like this one, check out Luisa and her crew over at Certified Fresh Lakers, Chris G.


Super clean photo slideshow by niomiesoulfly.. -ET

April 28, 2009


This brings me back to when I first fell in LOVE with the game of basketball. Lakers, Chris G.

April 27, 2009

SONG screening at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival on 5/2

a song for ourselves will be screening at the LA asian pacific film festival on may 2nd, 2:30p at laemmle's sunset 5 theater.  song will be part of the shorts program titled "passion for the people". four other films will be screened including academy-award winning director jessica yu's latest film!
for tickets and more information on the program please go to here.  this show has a very good chance of selling out so please get your tickets now!

A Peaceful Riot

for those of you who couldn't make it out to beatrock on saturday night, here's a sample of what you missed. more to come from the day...
video by big quoc at yeahmanh.com. damn eric & tad, getcha ass out the shot!

April 25, 2009

Danny MacAskill

i'm probably the biggest bike hater but you just gotta respect this...

April 24, 2009

Mass Movement Crew Mentioned in The District

fatgums, a song for ourselves and the mixtape got mentioned in this article about bambu in the district. don't forget to come out to the a peaceful riot release party tomorrow at beatrock! Photobucket -tadillac

April 22, 2009

Live From The Dirty 30 Lounge Vol.1

Photobucket my homeboy kori posted a mix he put together as his days in atlanta come to an end. this chinese/japanese american hybrid is a badass community organizer, runs 2 blogs (the cheddar box & the cheddar path), is about to learn spanish in central america that is geared toward social justice organizing AND he's a fucking dj too! wadup model minority!
the mix is dope. it introduced me to a couple artists i've slept on and reminded me why certain songs stay classic. its the first time i've listened to e-feezy with political headphones and the atliens remix is just naaaaaasty!
Live from the Dirty 30 Lounge DOWNLOAD HERE
1. “The prison situation is horrendous” 2. “1-Luv feat. Leviti” ~ E40 3. “Find a Way” ~ A Tribe Called Quest 4. “The Love Song feat. Mos Def” ~ Bush Babees 5. “ATLiens (Broken Tape Decks Remix)” ~ Outkast 6. “Cheeba Cheeba (Tex Mix feat. Martin Luther)” ~ Zion I & Aceyalone 7. “Work It” ~ Native Guns (Kiwi & Bambu) 8. “Played List” ~ Maspyke 9. “Karma” ~ Cunninlynguists 10. “Can It Be All So Simple” ~ Wu-Tang Clan 11. “If I Ruled The World feat. Lauryn Hill” ~ Nas 12. “Can’t Knock The Hustle feat. Mary J. Blige” ~ Jay-Z 13. “She Lives In My Lap feat. Rosario Dawson” ~ Andre 3000 14. “Bustin Loose Break” ~ Dj Paul Nice & Korillation 15. “Sunwheel” ~ Genelec & Memphis Reigns 16. “Things do not have to remain this way”

April 21, 2009


Photobucket come thru kick it and get yr groove on to good sounds and good vibes..

a little preview of the video projection of artwork by MARK CANTO

more art from LORALEI BINGAMON too!


SOUNDS OF THE NEW HOPE at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 2nd! SATURDAY | MAY 2 | 6:30pm Directors Guild of America (DGA 2) 7290 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles CA 90046 SOUNDS OF THE NEW HOPE  will be the opening film of the program titled "Manilatown Is In The Heart". It will be screened alongside the newest film by Curtis Choy, director of the award-winning documentary, The Fall of the I-Hotel. His documentary, Manilatown Is In The Heart, follows the life of legendary Filipino-American poet and organizer Al Robles. For tickets and more information on the program please go to: http://www.vconline.org/festival/program.cfm?program_id=18


May 2nd | DGA 2 | 6:30pm SOUNDS OF THE NEW HOPE  is playing alongside
new documentary about the life of Al Robles.
Manilatown Is In The Heart Directors Guild of America 7920 Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles

April 19, 2009

Fatgums X Bambu - A Peaceful Riot

folks are always asking me "where all the JA's in hip-hop at?", the answer...fatgums! the highly anticipated fatgums and bambu collabo is finally gonna drop next week! ever since the duo showcased their chemistry on bam's latest album "exact change", rumors of an exclusive ep have been brewing. medical student by day and producer by night, fatgums has created a distinct, soulful sound to cure the t-painful auto-tune plague. a long-time bambu fan himself, gums told me that this project has been a dream come true. *just a little known fact, the first time these two collaborated was on this track created for my film pilgrimage: Bambu - "Pilgrimage Song" (Produced by Fatgums) DOWNLOAD
the early copy of a peaceful riot has been playing in my ipod non-stop. in addition to being musically and lyrically sharp, the ep provides an arsenal of songs that speak to multiple emotions and memories in my head. whether it be learning to communicate better with your partner ("listen"), rage over the murder of oscar grant ("gunslinger II"), hustling to survive as an independent artist ("peddlin' music"), or trying to justify a clothes fetish ("good clothes"), this album is definitely something i, and a lot of other folks, can relate to. here's my favorite track off the ep: Fatgums X Bambu - "Peddlin' Music" DOWNLOAD
don't miss the release party going down at the beatrock store next week. besides a ridiculous line-up of performances, there will be an artshow AND the premiere of the park's finest BBQ rig, whaaaaat!
Photobucket Photobucket

April 17, 2009

Giant Nakamura

"i heard your dad couldn't get you into ucla film school? yeah, he didn't let me in either..." that was one of the first things that eric nakamura, creator & president of giant robot, said to me when we sat down for lunch at his restaurant gr/eats. those were comforting words coming from someone who has been able to shape an entire culture through his magazine, 4 stores, and restaurant.
Photobucket you gotta respect eric's entrepreneurial vision and execution. i mean dude built 3 businesses right in the middle of his community (he grew up blocks away from sawtelle). as big and busy as he is, eric still found time to help another nakamura from the westside navigate through his quarter life crisis!
check out the "papershapers" show that eric curated at the scion gallery in...that's right culver fuckin city! (the show ends may 2)

April 16, 2009

4 Years After Katrina

What's up everyone! Just got back from working/filming in New Orleans about 2 weeks ago and now getting into the grind of school. Being back from such an overwhelmingly emotional experience, I'm still going through that stage of withdrawal and I don't think I want to lose that feeling cause shit's still not right there. You'd think after 4 years, a whole entire community wouldn't look like this: I don't exaggerate whatsoever when I say that this place is literally a ghosttown. Walking up and down the block you may see 1-2 houses fully built and occupied. If you're lucky you'll be able to catch someone chillin' on the stoop. It reminded of post-war movies where someone would be walking around a place was that was just bombed and all you see/hear/feel is desolation. To try and put this in perspective, on the first day of physically and emotionally draining work, we head back up to our campsite and I receive a message from my mom asking for something as simple as when my graduation will be. Since then I haven't talked to her in awhile and just hearing her voice through the phone started bringing me to tears. I can't imagine coming back home, walking up to my front porch, looking up, and seeing absolutely nothing there. Then looking to my right and left and ALL my neighbors' houses are gone. I can't imagine not having my family, friends, and people that I consider a part of my home and community completely gone. EVERYTHING that shaped who you are as a person, gone. The fucked up part is that even after 4 years... FOUR YEARS, it still looks like the hurricane hit yesterday. Luckily for me, I was with a group of critical, hard-working, passionate, and reflective students. If it wasn't for the friendships I've built through them, this would've definitely been a lot harder to go through. One of the many feelings shared amongst us is the feeling of anger, frustration, sadness, and at times, feeling of helplessness at the social and political injustices suffered by this community. One of the things that was reiterated in the interviews I conducted with the residents was that they do not feel wanted by their local, state, and federal government. In order for these people to come back, they need infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, and security. During the week, I did not see any of these. How can people come back to a place they've invested so much history in when the local and state government aren't even giving them the necessary resources to live? My hopes and goals for this film is that it will spread to the masses and create more awareness around this issue and hopefully inspire and motivate people to try and urgently get involved with this issue (whether through putting pressure of the government or through volunteering). I'm gonna try and post up cuts of the film whenever I can onto the blog. But before I do that, I need to know how best to do that. So... Eric & Tad... any suggestions on how I should upload some video footage? -Chris G.

April 12, 2009

FATGUMS X BAMBU "...A Peaceful Riot..." CD Release Party

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009 Time: 5:00pm - 11:00pm Location: Beatrock Flagship Store and Gallery - 4158 Norse Way - Long Beach, CA http://www.beatrock.com/ Please come out to Beatrock for a day of good food, art, music, and friends. This special event will also be the opening reception for the "Because Your Mama Said So" Group ArtShow AND the WORLD PREMIER of The Park's Finest's BBQ rig!
Live Performances by: Bambu
The CounterParts Crew
Otayo Dubb
Power Struggle
The Aesthetics Crew
The Committee DJs: DJ Tanner of Battlestar
Mass Movement Crew
DJ Phatrick
Gallery Artists:
179, Aidger 34, Alfie Numeric, Anthony Montemar, Antonio Pelayo, Beatrock, Chris Santos, CODAK, COMAH, Fabius, FOOD ONE, Ganyan, HEX ONE, James Malone, JayskiOne, Jerrell Conner, KEMST, Khary Finch, Larsen Garma, The Lone Vagina, Manila Ryce, Mark Canto, MECA ISA, Mike Virata, Nic Cowan, Nick Wildermuth, Nocty, Pancho Abalos, Ryan Spence, Sadie Barnett, SANO, SHERM, SICKdotONE, Simbulan, Son Cleva, Stuter, Thomas Messenger, Timoi, WOMACK, and many more to be added!
The Park's Finest (Johneric Concordia) BBQ:
BBQ plates will be for sale, along with CD's, T-Shirts, and Artwork! Discount presale BBQ/CD/T-shirt combo packs will be available online at http://www.beatrock.com/ Hope to see you there!

Kids these days..

JERKIN' at my old high school, Long Beach Poly.. and some proud kids called the Power Rangers.. what chall think?? -ET

April 10, 2009

Oh The Pain!

this shit sums up exactly how i feel about every other song on clear channel... here's my favorite t-pain song of all time, i never get tired of this: -tadillac

April 9, 2009

New EP by Senbei

Photobucket back in february my bay area brethren colin ehara aka senbei dropped an EP titled Shikata Ga Nai Vol.II. disguy wrote, spit, and produced the damn thing himself (he even sings his own hooks!). download the EP here.
Senbei - "Social Tool" feat. Jeimil & Drizzletron of iLL-Literacy DOWNLOAD
colin not only holds it down for JA and multiracial emcees but is also making his mark in academia as an asian american studies masters student at san francisco state. don't sleep on my boy, i heard he's even thinking of getting a playa hater degree! i mean seriously, if all my friends eventually get their's, asian am. studies looks like it will get the shot of energy it desperately needs.

April 6, 2009

New York New York Big City of Dreams

The Shack
my dood kori (also a close friend of the iijima's) came out from "the a" for the new york premiere. here he is in the 40 min. line that you'll always see infront of shake shack:
Photobucket but it's so fuckin worth the wait! kori went with the double stack. that ball of fried goodness in the middle is really a portobello mushroom and cheese, all battered and fried together: Photobucket when the previously described shroom burger explodes in your mouth...this is the result... Photobucket
The Premiere at Manhattan Country School
MCS was so packed they had to open two other classrooms to accommodate everyone who showed up. the screening was a huge success! chris iijima's family, friends, former students and new fans all gathered in the school where chris taught for many years.
Photobucket the women responsible for the event: chris' former student and now active parent and staff at MCS akemi kochiyama (left) and director of the school Michele Sola
Lunch at the historical Iijima apartment
chris' sister lynne invited me, kori and miya to visit their father tak iijima, a 442 vet and one of the OG's of the early asian american movement. this is the same washington heights apartment where chris was rasied and also where one of the first progressive asian american organizations in the country, asian americans for action (AAA), held their meetings.
Kickin' it
it wouldn't be a new york trip if i didn't see the old CAPSA crew. its been a minute since our bandana and bullhorn days, here we are all sold out and booshie:
also got a chance to hang out with the homie aliwong.com, new york's newest comic sensation: Photobucket

April 4, 2009

SONG Screening in Chicago on 4/11 & 4/14

song will make it's midwest premiere next weekend at the 14th asian american showcase in chicago! the film will be playing with the feature documentary you don't know jack: the jack soo story on 4/12 at 3pm and on 4/14 at 6pm. both screenings will be held at the gene siskel film center.