January 11, 2009

Oscar Grant Murdered by BART Police

on new years day 22-year-old oscar grant was shot in the back and killed by BART police while on the ground. i thought everyone had seen the video of this unbelievable murder by now but as i talk to people, especially those in LA, i realized that so many more need to know about this. just see for yourself how grant's death is more an execution than anything else: johannes mehserle, the officer who killed grant, immediately resigned after this video was released. meanwhile, grant's family continues to mourn as oakland rages. the homie kori wrote a real good summary of the slaying and dj phatrick continues to follow the aftermath on his blog. -tadillac


MV said...

that's foreal execution style. hands bounded and everything. whats wild is the obvious presence of all those witnesses. There has to be at least 10 different videos of this.

Mass Movement TV said...

seriously! caught on tape and there's still no real criminal charges being made?!?!

i don't condone the riot that popped off and don't think it was necessarily productive but i do understand why it happened and can't blame those who hit the streets.