June 27, 2008

New Bambu Joint

brotha bambu recently posted a new track on his blog. keep ya ears open for his new album scheduled to drop later this year! A Million - Bambu -tadillac


Photobucket last week i finally got to see Mongol, an epic film based on the life of a young genghis khan. overall the film was good, i mean, its one of those films to see if you want to escape the real world for a couple of hours...kinda like braveheart but everyone's asian! geologic wrote a good review of the flick on his blog. it was interesting to see a film about an ancient asian historical figure and civilization, if anything it reminded me how eurocentric my education was and how much i really don't know (i had to wikipedia genghis khan). although the film stars tadanobu asano, one of my favorite japanese actors, it is kinda funny that the ruler of the mongolian empire is played by a japanese dude. like my friend johneric said. "that's like abraham lincoln being played by a mexican!". the film was oscar nominated for best foreign language film as a submission from kazakhstan! -tadillac

June 25, 2008

SOC DOC premiere

last week me and ET screened our works-in-progress (new documentary films) at the social documentation event at uc santa cruz. all se7en members of the cohort presented their thesis projects which we've been working-on for the last 2 years. overall the event was dope. all the projects (video & radio documentaries, photo exhibit) went over well with the audience. big brotha kiwi drove down for the event and wrote about our films on his blog (good lookin kiwi!). here's some highlights: social documentation class of '07, '08 and '09: Photobucket me high on anti-anxiety medication introducing my film "A Song For Ourselves", a 30-min. biography on the late asian american movement singer/songwriter chris iijima: Photobucket "aww shucks!" ET introducing his flick "Sounds Of A New Hope" a film on mc, kiwi, and other facets of the progressive people's movement in the philippines that drives his music. you can't tell from this photo but ET got hella emo (in a good way) and literally made most people in the audience tear up: Photobucket the api contingent. karin mak who screened her film "Red Dust", a doc about workers' rights in china, eric spittin hot faiyah, and me lookin like a dumb fuck: Photobucket kiwizzo and fans: Photobucket big shouts to everyone who came out to the event! we both really appreciate your support and love. -tadillac

June 22, 2008

KGA's "Coming Together"

Photobucket yesterday i went to the community screening of "Coming Together" a short documentary film produced and directed by six youth leaders of Khmer Girls in Action. the film examines how the legacy of the khmer rouge war both connects and disconnects the youth with their parents generation. read more about the film here. the film documents many issues that immigrant and refugee families must struggle with, but from the perspective of the children, specifically teenaged daughters. i was really impressed that six different directors could collectively make one film in only a years time. "Coming Together" is going to have its world premiere at the los angeles film festival next weekend: saturday, 6/29 at 12 pm italian cultural institute 1023 hilgard ave. los angeles, ca. 90024 i've been a huge fan of the work that KGA has done over the years. this film reminded me of the power that stories can have if told by those who live it. thanks for the inspiration. -tadillac

June 20, 2008


yes yes y'all! me and ET received our master's of the universe degree last friday at uc santa cruz. the two year program flew by, and i can't say that i'll miss being in school. the committee and mass movement homies came up for the festivities along with our families. overall it was a great weekend... we done did it! Photobucket eightballers: regan, shelia, eric, tad, karin Photobucket Photobucket ET and fam: Photobucket me and the parents: Photobucket ET being filipino... Photobucket the spot: Photobucket mass movement sandwich: Photobucket cindy, romeo and chuck: Photobucket if only japanese occupation of the philippines looked like this... Photobucket new era fits: Photobucket much more to come on the rest of the weekend... -tadillac

June 11, 2008

Game 3, Victory!

the scene: Photobucket the crowd: Photobucket the ticket: Photobucket the status (ballin' on a budget!): Photobucket in the building! Photobucket view from the sweeeeet... Photobucket the dessert cart! Photobucket we LOVE IT! (can you tell who's never watched a finals game in a suite before?) Photobucket victory! Photobucket on to game 4... Photobucket thanks again russ for the best graduation present ever! -tadillac

June 8, 2008

inside the SOC DOC editing lab..

COUNTDOWN... 1 week until Me, Tad, and the rest of our homies in SC are done with GRAD SCHOOL!!! here's a little sneak peak into the place where the magic is made, our Social Documentation Editing Lab at UC Santa Cruz. the place that Tad hasn't stepped foot inside since winter quarter.. we miss you homie!! good luck in the final stretch!! -ET
inside the SOC DOC editing lab.. from Mass Movement on Vimeo.

June 6, 2008

good commercials are the shit!

this shit gave me goose bumps. just incase you missed it last night... I'M GOIN TO GAME 3!!!!! shouts to my boy russ! -tadillac

June 5, 2008

Oh My Gooooodness!

Photobucket first saw this scary ass photo on poplick.com and thought it was too funny not to re-post. let's go obama! -tadillac

June 4, 2008

Beau Sia's APIA Vote speech

poet beau sia performs a "fireside chat" version of the speech that he delivered at last months APIA vote town hall that all three presidential candidates flaked on. what i like about this piece is that it was very appropriate for the audience at the townhall. beau knew that crowd would range from japanese american senior citizens to young southeast asian high schoolers. i think knowing your audience is one of the most important parts of being an effective spitter. beau can come a lot harder and clever if he wants. here's his response to rosie o'donnell's dumb ass ching chong comment on the view. his "plus size lesbians" line is classic. -tadillac