June 8, 2008

inside the SOC DOC editing lab..

COUNTDOWN... 1 week until Me, Tad, and the rest of our homies in SC are done with GRAD SCHOOL!!! here's a little sneak peak into the place where the magic is made, our Social Documentation Editing Lab at UC Santa Cruz. the place that Tad hasn't stepped foot inside since winter quarter.. we miss you homie!! good luck in the final stretch!! -ET
inside the SOC DOC editing lab.. from Mass Movement on Vimeo.


kiwi said...

dude. looks like someone ain't slept in a couple days!

Mass Movement TV said...

good looks on the shout! i've been putting in mad work in the lab down here in LA.

i'll meet you at the finish line!


Mass Movement TV said...

Haha, believe me, E.T. got his sleep. His eyes are just like that for another reason.

Sorry to put you on blast man. This cut was just too funny when I saw it.

-Chris G.

blog said...

Aha! So that's what the "secret" social doc lab looks like... You guys need to upload your documentaries on youtube or send me a copy through the mail! (I do love you but 6000 miles is a long way to go to come and attend your premiere show).

Good luck with the premiere! Hopefully see you next year!


Anonymous said...

Hahah Tad has no Slug love whatsoever.

Good luck homies, I can't be at the premiere but I want to see the films next time I see ya'll.