June 20, 2008


yes yes y'all! me and ET received our master's of the universe degree last friday at uc santa cruz. the two year program flew by, and i can't say that i'll miss being in school. the committee and mass movement homies came up for the festivities along with our families. overall it was a great weekend... we done did it! Photobucket eightballers: regan, shelia, eric, tad, karin Photobucket Photobucket ET and fam: Photobucket me and the parents: Photobucket ET being filipino... Photobucket the spot: Photobucket mass movement sandwich: Photobucket cindy, romeo and chuck: Photobucket if only japanese occupation of the philippines looked like this... Photobucket new era fits: Photobucket much more to come on the rest of the weekend... -tadillac


Anonymous said...

Congrats, homies! Now you too have your very own slug degree signed by the governator! I'm guessing that one's only going on the resume and not going on the fridge. When can we expect cuts of your projects on youtube?


Anonymous said...

And of course the grad dinner would be at Pink Godzilla. Classic Cruz.