June 25, 2008

SOC DOC premiere

last week me and ET screened our works-in-progress (new documentary films) at the social documentation event at uc santa cruz. all se7en members of the cohort presented their thesis projects which we've been working-on for the last 2 years. overall the event was dope. all the projects (video & radio documentaries, photo exhibit) went over well with the audience. big brotha kiwi drove down for the event and wrote about our films on his blog (good lookin kiwi!). here's some highlights: social documentation class of '07, '08 and '09: Photobucket me high on anti-anxiety medication introducing my film "A Song For Ourselves", a 30-min. biography on the late asian american movement singer/songwriter chris iijima: Photobucket "aww shucks!" ET introducing his flick "Sounds Of A New Hope" a film on mc, kiwi, and other facets of the progressive people's movement in the philippines that drives his music. you can't tell from this photo but ET got hella emo (in a good way) and literally made most people in the audience tear up: Photobucket the api contingent. karin mak who screened her film "Red Dust", a doc about workers' rights in china, eric spittin hot faiyah, and me lookin like a dumb fuck: Photobucket kiwizzo and fans: Photobucket big shouts to everyone who came out to the event! we both really appreciate your support and love. -tadillac

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