September 30, 2008

Both Beautiful And Ugly

for me, football (as a sport and as an industry) plays a very complex and dynamic role in my life. i don't make excuses for it, as it is violent, exploitative, corporate-owned and one of the most testosterone-filled cultures around. all i can say is that the sport has the potential to instill life-lessons such as collectivism, discipline, leadership and creativity into knuckle-heads like me. here are some plays from this weekend that represent both sides of the game. the beautiful. the RIDICULOUS catch by morgan state's edwin baptiste: the ugly. the violent hit by eric smith of the new york jets on anquan boldin of the arizona cardinals: smith was suspended for a game and fined $50,000 for his illegal "helmet to helmet" hit. damn, i wish i could post highlights from my bruins and raiders... -tadillac

September 29, 2008

Tina Slaps Again

tina fey clowns sarah palin again on snl. the skit might not seem that funny if you didn't see palin's real interview with katie couric. watch the snl skit first and then check out the real interview, the combination is hilarious! the real interview: just because palin is a dumb-ass doesn't mean she can't get into the white house. remember this pooter: see palin go head-up with joe biden in the vice presidential debate this thursday night. -tadillac

September 28, 2008

Highlights from Hawaii Shoot

sorry i haven't posted in a while. september has been hectic in a good way. the last 2 weeks i've been shooting in hawaii and new york for my new documentary on the japanese american singer/songwriter chris iijima. here's some highlights from oahu: pork cutlet plate & a slush w/ ice cream at rainbow drive-in: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket malasadas at leonard's: Photobucket Photobucket saimin and cornbeef hash tempura at sekiya's: Photobucket Photobucket ...and you thought i have misplaced priorities. -tadillac

September 23, 2008


me and kristian just went skating over here on the eastside of long beach by wilson high school. it was refreshing being back home in the sunshine. kris said "look out for the po-pos" while he was trying to grind a rail. good thing we didn't run into any, cause you never know how these insecure people might react.. not an isolated incident.. be careful out there y'all. stay strong! hmm... before we go, let's ask Vladimir Lenin what he thinks about the Baltimore Police. -ET

September 20, 2008

Some More People's Art

I'm almost sure that all you devoted readers of the Mass Movement TV blog (Yes! I'm talking to you!) dig dope ass-funky fresh-sucka free art work. My homegirl (aka Sistargirl, aka Bong) is laying it down for pinay artists and she's currently in the process of working on a Mass Movement Vinyl piece for us! A picture of that will definitely be posted once it's finished. But if you're the type of person (which I know you are, right?!) that would rather own an originial piece of art instead of going online, googling an image of it, slapping it as your desktop wallpaper, and then nailing your computer to your actual wall for all your guests to ooh and ahh about, then you should peep her work here: Here are some photos (but I know you'd rather own 'em): She's got pieces, purses, jewelry, stuff for you to wear, show off, whatever. If it's not on her site, send her a message and ask. So unless you're not down with anything cool, check it out hurr (for the third time). -Chris G.

September 18, 2008

The Loy's Hawaii Fashion Shoot

Photobucket i'm shooting in hawaii for my next film, yeah i know, the streets is rough. in order to make some rainbow drive-in money, i've been freelancing on some fashion shoots out here. the highlight by far was working with 16 month phoneme mina loy akira checel. here's a preview of the vogue exclusive: Photobucket terry sun set by baby gap. Photobucket embroidered peasant top by gymboree with new plumeria clip by nanda. Photobucket mod graphic sundress by old navy. Photobucket embroidered folklorico dress by zara. Photobucket polka-dot bathing suit with ruffles by roxy. -tadillac

September 17, 2008

Renee Tajima-Pena's New Film "Calavera Highway" PBS Broadcasts on 9/17

Photobucket well known filmmaker renee tajima-pena's (who killed vincent chin?, my america...or honk if you love buddha) new film "Calavera Highway" is going to broadcast on PBS tomorrow 9/18 at 9:30pm in LA as part of the p.o.v. series. renee was both me and e.t.'s grad. advisor at ucsc where i was able to see the film. consistent with all of renee's films, this one is both engaging, personal and political. the film follows renee's husband armando and his brother carlos as they carry their mother's ashes back to their home town, on the way they meet up with the rest of their brothers and discover there is much more to their mother's past than what they had thought. peep the trailer: if you miss the broadcast you can watch the whole film online until 9/23. check out this interview with renee and co-director evangeline griego. -tadillac


Damn, these rich muthafuckas are really trippin now.. Makes me feel like I need to figure out what the hell is going on right now with my bank situation! -ET

September 15, 2008

Wordle Up

Saw this on the Blue Scholars blog and had to do one of the book I'm reading by Amado Guerrero titled, "Philippine Society & Revolution" (found it on PDF). It's called WORDLE. You copy and paste a bunch of text into the site and it figures out what words are used the most and . The bigger ones are the ones most used. Ain't it interesting that "U.S." is the word used the most in this book? Bigups to E.T. for hooking it up with the book from his PI expo trip this summer. -Chris G.

Living Legends & The Bayliens live at The Catalyst

Last night Flo and I got to see an amazing show put on by Living Legends (minus MURS and The Grouch) at the grimey downtown Santa Cruz venue, the Catalyst. The energy they all had on stage was definitely felt by the 16 and over only crowd. It was cool watching from uptop for the first time cause you get to see all the shit that's going on on the floor (from picking noses to picking pockets). Here's some tight photos that Flo took: Although I was disappointed that MURS & The Grouch weren't there, Eligh made it all up. He was fast, smooth, and on point on every single syllable. Never Fallin' Down... One thing I love more than music is discovering new music. Right as Flo and I stepped foot into the Catalyst we already found ourselves goin dumb to The Bayliens. These dudes are TIGGGGGHT! I could see these guys easily becoming a new favorite. It's tight cause it has an old school/hyphy mixed feeling. Welcome To The Bay - The Bayliens Peep this one. It's a knocker! And cop their album, "Crop Circles" here. Other upcoming shows that I'm peeing my pants about: -X @ The Catalyst -Common & N.E.R.D. in Berkeley -Atmosphere @ The Catalyst -Blue Scholars & Hieroglyphics @ The Catalyst (This one I am the most excited about. I always had some shit to do whenever E.T. & Tad invited me to film 'em with them) -Chris G. & photos by Flo (courtesy of the Canon SD 870- the unofficial sponsor of Mass Movement)

Rage Against The Machine perform acapella at the RNC

Inspiring. This is how true people's artists do!! We gotta make the most of what we got.. -ET big shout out to Sarah from Mass Movement Bagong Pag-Asa (New Hope) in Quezon City for the link!

September 14, 2008

Why SNL needs Tina Fey

cindy just sent me this video. i thought this skit was pretty funny plus it makes a good reference to chris' last entry... -tadillac

September 12, 2008

The Chinese Magic Johnson

What's up with it, four people that read this blog. It's been a minute since I last posted. I've been in mourning since the Lakers loss the championship but I'm slowly coming to terms with it. Speaking of the Lakers, the team picked up China's Sun Yue. My homie says that she saw him playing in China and that Sun is the Chinese Magic Johnson. He's 6-9 but can play everything from point to power. Can't wait to see him as a Laker. And although I love what Pau Gasol has done for the Lakers last year, after that racist ass picture with Spain, I'd like to see his ass get knocked out by Sun Yue. -Chris G. ...Ooh! I gotta share this. My high school teacher and lifelong mentor & friend, Leibs, sent me this the other day. The republicans should use this for their campaign. It sure did swing my vote. "Shawty swing my way..."

September 9, 2008

Bambu's Exact Change

Photobucket Bambu - "Like Us" download here the homie bambu's new album "exact change" finally dropped today! i've been waiting for this shit for a long time and now that i've finally heard it i can honestly agree with those that say that it's his best work yet. first off the production on the album is just filthy! big name producers like illmind, sabzi (blue scholars) and amp live (zion i) come hard but my dude fatgums steals the show. the chemistry between bambu's words and fatgums beats is so effective that i hear they have their own EP in the works. Photobucket what impressed me the most about "exact change" is bam's level of maturity and outlook that i haven't heard on his previous albums, the kind of wisdom that i imagine can only be gained by becoming a father. like my other top emcees (geologic of blue scholars, slug of atmosphere, andre 3000) bambu gets his grown-man on and talks more about setting a good example than offing a pig. don't trip, bam's unapologetic political analysis is as sharp as ever but this time it's more focused and build and serve a strong community for his seed to grow-up in. Bambu - Crooks and Rooks download here please cop the album, i guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Just Embarrassing

Photobucket it might be another long season for the nation... -tadillac

September 8, 2008

Senz of Depth - Boundary Waters

Photobucket big ups to my man miles senzaki for dropping his first solo instrumental album under the producer name senz of depth. his album "boundary waters" was featured as an "editors pick" on cd baby, one of the worlds largest independent music sellers. they also gave the album an amazing review. here's just a snippet of what they said: "Crafting an album full of hip hop instrumentals is a challenge: without lyrics to crash in and dominate the sound, the producer is left with plenty of space to fill, a feat made even harder given that he's flexing skills in a genre of music that often relies on repetition for it's immediate appeal. Where many have failed, California producer Senz of Depth succeeds, packing a completely unexpected arsenal of instruments and sounds into a collection of songs that can be taken one by one, or just as easily swallowed whole in its smooth-flowing entirety." daaaamn, like that! please cop the album and support this ridiculously talented brotha. Photobucket more than anyone i know miles is a true craftsperson of his art. in addition to his senz of depth project (electronic/hip hop), miles is 1/2 of the electric jazz duo the leviathan brothers and performs often with his band mouse kills tiger. you can check him out live almost any week in LA. also peep his blog. -tadillac

September 7, 2008

Stop All War

me and scott saw this the other night and thought it was pretty dope. pretty clever and very subtle, almost too subtle... Photobucket -tadillac

September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin and The Daily Show

cindy just sent me this clip of jon stewart putting the republicans new gender card on blast. honestly, i don't really watch the daily show but now that i gots FREE CABLE at my new apartment i might be tuning in more! -tadillac

September 2, 2008

We 1-0 Baby!!!

Photobucket it had been two years since i've been to a UCLA football game at the rose bowl, but boy was it worth the wait! last night UCLA beat no.18 tennessee in a 27-24 overtime thriller! thanks to a dream team coaching staff (neuheisel, chow, & walker), a huge second half by quarterback craft, and tennessee's shitty ass kicker, UCLA won the biggest upset of opening weekend. after throwing 4 picks in the first half, kevin craft went 18 of 25 to lead his team to victory in his first game as a bruin! read more about his beastie ass performance here. Photobucket and if that wasn't enough, they now sell funnel cake at the rosebowl! i fuckin' LOVE football season! -tadillac