September 8, 2008

Senz of Depth - Boundary Waters

Photobucket big ups to my man miles senzaki for dropping his first solo instrumental album under the producer name senz of depth. his album "boundary waters" was featured as an "editors pick" on cd baby, one of the worlds largest independent music sellers. they also gave the album an amazing review. here's just a snippet of what they said: "Crafting an album full of hip hop instrumentals is a challenge: without lyrics to crash in and dominate the sound, the producer is left with plenty of space to fill, a feat made even harder given that he's flexing skills in a genre of music that often relies on repetition for it's immediate appeal. Where many have failed, California producer Senz of Depth succeeds, packing a completely unexpected arsenal of instruments and sounds into a collection of songs that can be taken one by one, or just as easily swallowed whole in its smooth-flowing entirety." daaaamn, like that! please cop the album and support this ridiculously talented brotha. Photobucket more than anyone i know miles is a true craftsperson of his art. in addition to his senz of depth project (electronic/hip hop), miles is 1/2 of the electric jazz duo the leviathan brothers and performs often with his band mouse kills tiger. you can check him out live almost any week in LA. also peep his blog. -tadillac

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Anonymous said...

Dope, I'ma cop that fasho. I also want to go catch one of his shows next time I'm in your hood, homie. Hope all is well.