September 20, 2008

Some More People's Art

I'm almost sure that all you devoted readers of the Mass Movement TV blog (Yes! I'm talking to you!) dig dope ass-funky fresh-sucka free art work. My homegirl (aka Sistargirl, aka Bong) is laying it down for pinay artists and she's currently in the process of working on a Mass Movement Vinyl piece for us! A picture of that will definitely be posted once it's finished. But if you're the type of person (which I know you are, right?!) that would rather own an originial piece of art instead of going online, googling an image of it, slapping it as your desktop wallpaper, and then nailing your computer to your actual wall for all your guests to ooh and ahh about, then you should peep her work here: Here are some photos (but I know you'd rather own 'em): She's got pieces, purses, jewelry, stuff for you to wear, show off, whatever. If it's not on her site, send her a message and ask. So unless you're not down with anything cool, check it out hurr (for the third time). -Chris G.

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