September 9, 2008

Bambu's Exact Change

Photobucket Bambu - "Like Us" download here the homie bambu's new album "exact change" finally dropped today! i've been waiting for this shit for a long time and now that i've finally heard it i can honestly agree with those that say that it's his best work yet. first off the production on the album is just filthy! big name producers like illmind, sabzi (blue scholars) and amp live (zion i) come hard but my dude fatgums steals the show. the chemistry between bambu's words and fatgums beats is so effective that i hear they have their own EP in the works. Photobucket what impressed me the most about "exact change" is bam's level of maturity and outlook that i haven't heard on his previous albums, the kind of wisdom that i imagine can only be gained by becoming a father. like my other top emcees (geologic of blue scholars, slug of atmosphere, andre 3000) bambu gets his grown-man on and talks more about setting a good example than offing a pig. don't trip, bam's unapologetic political analysis is as sharp as ever but this time it's more focused and build and serve a strong community for his seed to grow-up in. Bambu - Crooks and Rooks download here please cop the album, i guarantee you won't be disappointed!


colinresponse said...

peace tadillac.

this sh*t is fantastic. i been needing inspiration lately, and here it is. very dope he's been collabing with zion i. i'm a fan of both bam's and zion i's works and think these collaborations will make both parties stronger. yadadaidig?


thecheddarbox said...

Just copped the album, shit is nasty!


Anonymous said...

wheres the exact change download??
dope stuff :)