September 15, 2008

Living Legends & The Bayliens live at The Catalyst

Last night Flo and I got to see an amazing show put on by Living Legends (minus MURS and The Grouch) at the grimey downtown Santa Cruz venue, the Catalyst. The energy they all had on stage was definitely felt by the 16 and over only crowd. It was cool watching from uptop for the first time cause you get to see all the shit that's going on on the floor (from picking noses to picking pockets). Here's some tight photos that Flo took: Although I was disappointed that MURS & The Grouch weren't there, Eligh made it all up. He was fast, smooth, and on point on every single syllable. Never Fallin' Down... One thing I love more than music is discovering new music. Right as Flo and I stepped foot into the Catalyst we already found ourselves goin dumb to The Bayliens. These dudes are TIGGGGGHT! I could see these guys easily becoming a new favorite. It's tight cause it has an old school/hyphy mixed feeling. Welcome To The Bay - The Bayliens Peep this one. It's a knocker! And cop their album, "Crop Circles" here. Other upcoming shows that I'm peeing my pants about: -X @ The Catalyst -Common & N.E.R.D. in Berkeley -Atmosphere @ The Catalyst -Blue Scholars & Hieroglyphics @ The Catalyst (This one I am the most excited about. I always had some shit to do whenever E.T. & Tad invited me to film 'em with them) -Chris G. & photos by Flo (courtesy of the Canon SD 870- the unofficial sponsor of Mass Movement)

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True Justice said...

Thank you for you honesty. We appreciate it.

DJ True Justice(The Bayliens)