September 2, 2008

We 1-0 Baby!!!

Photobucket it had been two years since i've been to a UCLA football game at the rose bowl, but boy was it worth the wait! last night UCLA beat no.18 tennessee in a 27-24 overtime thriller! thanks to a dream team coaching staff (neuheisel, chow, & walker), a huge second half by quarterback craft, and tennessee's shitty ass kicker, UCLA won the biggest upset of opening weekend. after throwing 4 picks in the first half, kevin craft went 18 of 25 to lead his team to victory in his first game as a bruin! read more about his beastie ass performance here. Photobucket and if that wasn't enough, they now sell funnel cake at the rosebowl! i fuckin' LOVE football season! -tadillac


Mark V said...

Hmm...I graduated a little too early, cuz it looks like a good season for them Bruins.

Didn't think they can compete with my beloved SEC (Go Gators!), but hey, anything can happen in the early season!!!!! Tennessee could be the Michigan of 2008...HAA!

Football season is HERE

Mark V said...

Sorry dude but what happened today? WTF?!?! Get on yo boyzzzzz!!!