April 30, 2008

Do You Think Your Better Off Alone?

ohmygoodness! my ears weren't fucking with me. i heard the last 30 seconds of this song on the radio last week and just had to smile. the terrible thing is that "say yeah" totally represents everything wrong with rap music these days. the real terrible thing is that the original song "better off alone" by alice deejay is a long lost guilty pleasure of mine that has come back from the dead to haunt me! don't front, you know that song makes you want to bust out the glow stick too! the best worst song of the week: the original best worst song: my jaw is sore just listening to that...here's to blue clovers and menthol lights! make it rain yall, make it rain! -tadillac

Spoelstra Named Coach for Heat

...and with the first pick of the 2008 racial draft the filipinos pick...erik spoelstra, new head coach of the miami heat! i don't know much about this dude but the legend goes he worked his way up from the team's video department...that's right boy, get your model minority on! shout out to my brotha KJ for sending me the story. what! a filipino in pop news and he doesn't sing or dance? i don't believe it! speaking of dancing, i now understand why you people do it so well. JA parents force their kids to play basketball, Chinese American parents force their kids to play piano, and Filipino American parents...well just watch the video! -tadillac

April 29, 2008

Nakamura drafted by the Ravens!

Photobucket damn, yall don't even know how many times those words played over and over in my testosterone-filled head when i was in high school. BIG UPS to free safety haruki nakamura for getting drafted to the league! shout out to angry asian man for covering the story. nakamura was the 206th pick by the balitmore ravens, which means he's gonna have to work hard to make the final cut but either way, he makes a muafucka feel proud! just look a the parallels... 7. we both play(ed) football 6. we both japanese american 5. we both rep the nakamura name 4. he's a free safety, i was a strong safety 3. his sister is a judo champion, my jichan was a judo champion 2. he's name is haruki, my middle name is harukichi 1. both of our mom's is named karen check out some of his highlights... what? you want to see some of tad nakamura's highlights? no way!...wellllllll okay... -tadillac

Another Reason Why Prince is the Shiiiet!

so today i told my sister that i heard prince covered "creep" at coachella last weekend. and sweartogod the first thing that comes out of her mouth was, "the one by TLC!?!?"...terrible. a radiohead cover by prince! if me and ET's music tastes had a kid, this is what it would probably sound like. the video sucks, but if your as big a prince fan as i am then you'll just listen to audio, put on your black lace zorro mask, and imagine you're there... speaking of TLC, this video was one of the first things that made me want to go to college. -tadillac

Shameless Plug

i must apologize for this non-JA moment but i finally learned how to save and upload my sundance interview from the cnn website. i'm sure all three of you who read this have already seen it but fuck it, this is probably the one and only time i get some shine on corporate television. peep the pilgrimage exclusive hoodie by beatrock!
Nakamura Sundance Interview on CNN TRT: 9 min. from Tadashi Nakamura on Vimeo. oh fuck it, since we on the damn subject might as well go all out: UCSC article, Pacific Citizen article, Culver City News article shame, tadillac

April 26, 2008

The "dic" in Ridiculous

this interview with bush speaks for itself, no wonder it was banned from tv... now honestly, doesn't he remind you of ricky bobby? -tadillac

James Brown R.I.P.'s one

it's seems like every other week there's some party dedicated to the music and legacy of james brown or j.dilla. no doubt that hip hop or music in general would not be what it is today if it weren't for these masters. i just can't help but think that half of the people who scream and "pat the booty of the invisible giant" when a jb or jd track is on...well, i doubt they were as hardcore when both artists were still alive. while i do support true tribute events (like the upcoming DJ Dusk Festival), i think a lot of muafuckas continue to make money off of the trendy dead. here's to celebrating music of people who are still with us. check out the godfather in this live interview, i didn't even know they made terminator x hunting glasses! speaking of james brown on tv... -tadillac

April 25, 2008

Watch Out Now!

Krissfader picks himself up and tries again.. D-Styles on the cut!! -ET

Chillin on the Streets of Long Beach

A day in the life of the Mass Movement homies from the LBC. Krissfader & Roots in a heated battle of the minds... with ET on the canon powershot. -ET

Once You Go Barack...

on may 17th there's gonna be a presidential candidates town hall to address issues concerning the asian and pacific islander community (don't front, they ain't gonna address no pacific islander issues). it's all going down at uc irvine in the oc. but reallythough, fuck a town hall, i wanna see them go "head to head" on the dance floor! check out my man b.o.....chaaaaalaaaaahnge! -tadillac

A Hyphy Documentary? ay dios mio!

Photobucket last night at uc bezerkeley, Ghostride the Whip, a documentary on the yay area's hyphy movement, had it's premiere. while i am not, nor ever have been a member of the hyphy movement, i do respect the culture for being local, creative, and at the least, entertaining. i don't know shit about the flick but i did peep the trailer and saw that it features nump trump, the pride and joy of the bay area. as far as the gorillapino goes, i used to have a problem with him for his "fuck LA" comment, but my brother bambu got his grown man on, and so i figure i should do the same. -tadillac

April 24, 2008

Breakfast at Tak's *Mass Movement TV Exclusive*

so here's the mass movement tv premiere of the month. Breakfast at Tak's is a short piece i did on one of my favorite eating spots in la, Tak's Coffee Shop. the bacon fried rice is legendary and the sense of community is unmatched. most people don't know that the crenshaw district of la used to be a thriving japanese american community, a history you can see and taste at tak's.
BREAKFAST AT TAK'S TRT:11 min. from Tadashi Nakamura on Vimeo. if fried rice, chicken wings, loco moco or portuguese sausage is your shit, then you gotta hit up tak's! -tadillac

Sexual Chocolate!

just in case you don't get our header (which means you probably waisted your childhood reading, instead of memorizing lines from movies), its eddie murphy playing his classic role as randy watson, lead singer of sexual chocolate in coming to america... reasons why this is one of the best scenes ev-er: 7. it takes place at the "black awareness" community show 6. arsenio hall plays rev. brown 5. eddie murphy plays randy watson 4. his intro as "joe the policeman from the 'what's going down' episode of 'that's my mamma'" 3. the introduction of "sexual chocolate" in the american vocabulary 2. he's covering a classic song from a classic crackhead 1. the way he drops the mic and exits stage!!! -tadillac

April 23, 2008

Awareness Test

my privileged ass really doesn't give a fuck about cyclists, but i thought this video was a really creative way of presenting their issue. that, and it show's how much chappelle's show has influenced our society... -tadillac


what it is y'all! welcome to mass movement tv! so eric's been wanting to do this for a while now and i finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and blog it out. eric will provide a better explanation for what this space will be used for but for, but it will mainly a place for us to post our own work, our friends work, and other cool shit that we steal from other blogs. we're gonna try to premiere one project a month on mass movement tv. so y'all should at least check-in once a month... -tadillac here's a little background on myself and what i'm all about...