April 29, 2008

Another Reason Why Prince is the Shiiiet!

so today i told my sister that i heard prince covered "creep" at coachella last weekend. and sweartogod the first thing that comes out of her mouth was, "the one by TLC!?!?"...terrible. a radiohead cover by prince! if me and ET's music tastes had a kid, this is what it would probably sound like. the video sucks, but if your as big a prince fan as i am then you'll just listen to audio, put on your black lace zorro mask, and imagine you're there... speaking of TLC, this video was one of the first things that made me want to go to college. -tadillac


emperor of sultans said...

damn tad, the video got took down. i'm trying to hear this...

btw, it's giles outta boston

Mass Movement TV said...

what's good giles!

good to hear from you! hope everythings good with you.

yeah, prince's people are on it. ever since he got fucked hard by warner bros. he's been able to really control his music. hopefully, you can find or hear it.