April 30, 2008

Do You Think Your Better Off Alone?

ohmygoodness! my ears weren't fucking with me. i heard the last 30 seconds of this song on the radio last week and just had to smile. the terrible thing is that "say yeah" totally represents everything wrong with rap music these days. the real terrible thing is that the original song "better off alone" by alice deejay is a long lost guilty pleasure of mine that has come back from the dead to haunt me! don't front, you know that song makes you want to bust out the glow stick too! the best worst song of the week: the original best worst song: my jaw is sore just listening to that...here's to blue clovers and menthol lights! make it rain yall, make it rain! -tadillac

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The last time you listened to that glow-sticking song you were licking powdered e pills out of your shoe in San Bernadino.