May 2, 2008

Native Hawaiians Reclaim Palace

Photobucket on wednesday The Hawaiian Kingdom Government took over and occupied 'iolani palace in honolulu. "We are resuming and assuming our lawful government, the Hawaiian Kingdom. This is the seat of government since 1882," said Mahealani Kahau, leader of the group. the action was peaceful and no damage was done to the palace which is sacred to native hawaiians. respect to The Hawaiian Kingdom Government for making moves to re-claim their land that was illegally taken and colonized by the u.s. government. the battle for hawaiian sovereignty is not just about land but also an issue of hawaiians trying to stop the genocide of its culture and its people. "I found this pretty inspiring," said ninth-grader Nolan Brack, saying he was excited to "be a part of history." -tadillac

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