May 7, 2008

Up The Yangtze

Photobucket last weekend i was able to see Up The Yangtze by yung chang at the vc film fest. yung's been reppin hard for young asian documentary filmmakers as up the yangtze has been getting mad pub and after seeing it, i know why. the film gives a much needed look at some of the fucked-up effects (like displacing poor people) of china's "new economy". the film is shot amazingly and the story unfolds well. it's having a theatrical run in LA soon, i'll post the details when i get them. peep the trailer: -tadillac

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eurie said...

up the yangtze is screening at the laemmle theaters starting 5/16, probably for a short run. in LA, it'll be at the royal (west l.a.), pasadena playhouse, encino town center, and south coast (OC).

definitely worth watching.