May 15, 2008

Happy Birphday Mina!

Photobucket today is my baby niece mina loy's 1st birphday!  this is huge because a year ago mina was born with paralyzed vocal cords and had to get a tracheotomy when she was only a couple days old. for most of this past year little mina had to breath through a hole in her neck and was constantly in and out of the hospital. with the help of her family and love from her community, mina's vocal cords eventually began to vibrate and now she's 100%! here's the first time her parents heard her voice... and this is what my family does now for entertainment: little mina has taught me so much about strength, courage and the precious things that we all take for granted. i never thought i could learn so much from someone so young. for all of you who know a little one who is not in the best of health, keep ya head up, i'm thinking about you... -uncle tad

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Mass Movement TV said...

Now, that's cute. Mina takes a shit on Charlie and his finger biting video... stupid wankers. Happy birthday Mina!

-Chris G.