May 18, 2008

People Power Tour, LA show *Mass Movement TV Exclusive

last weekend on mother's day, the people power tower came to LA. two of my favorite emcees geologic of blue scholars and kiwi blessed the mic, along with key kool from the visionaries and dj phatrick who spun for all three sets. me and e.t. shot the show even though the knitting factory tried the tax us a $100 fee per camera (shouts to geo and apollo for handling that!). for those of you who didn't make it, y'all missed a good fuckin show. here's a taste of what went down:
Geologic at People Power Tour, L.A. from Tadashi Nakamura on Vimeo. my favorite emcee spittin over one of my favorite songs, what! i'll be writing a lot more about the show soon. here's the "paper planes" video by m.i.a. -tadillac


Anonymous said...

"Paper Planes" is definitely my favorite MIA song, I'm freakin in love with her. Geo is the man for flippin it (no racist pun intended, hahah).

Great job on the video, ya'll, probably gonna post it on the cheddar box to show mass movement some love.


Mass Movement TV said...

ha haah, you racist JA bastard! i'm glad you liked the video. good lookin on the cheddar box love.

i can't believe that m.i.a. performed for free on coney island when both of us were out there last summer and neither of us went!


Anonymous said...

That's a got damn shame is what that is. See, if we had computer chips in our brains we would have automatically have that free m.i.a. concert info beamed straight to the dome. I'm so ready, chip me up!

Mass Movement TV said...

A Mass Movement shoutout! Hell yeah!

-Chris G.

kiwi said...

man i can't believe we had to drop a f'n c-note to have video cameras in there was worth it! for a f'n fundraiser! F knitting factory!

video's dope though!!!