May 20, 2008

Presidential Candidates No-Show, Beau Sia Spits Hotfaiyah

as many of you know, all three presidential candidates proved how much they care about the api community last saturday by not even showing up to the api presidential town hall in irvine. jeff chang writes about other actions that prove that neither barack, hill or mccain really give a fuck about our community or issues. jeff also posted this video of beau sia putting it down at the same api town hall, damn i wish obama and clinton where there to hear this brotha spit! i'm really becoming a big fan of beau sia. a while ago i just thought he was another loud ass spoken word poet but since he moved to LA a couple years ago, i've really seen how dedicated he is to serving community and voicing our issues through his art. he hosted the people power show the other week here in LA and did the best job i had ever seen hosting a show. much respect to beau. -tad

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