May 10, 2008

Just Say NO!

One thing I hate about "related links" is the fact that it makes you procrastinate for hours (it's a lonely Saturday night). After sharing that Kobe video, I started watching some old Showtime Lakers videos and found this. It's too hilarious not to share. *Listen closely to Walt Wesley (after Kareem), I'm almost certain that ODB bit his style.

Instead of going through my dad's shit to try and find porno tapes, I was going through my dad's shit to try and find old vcr recordings of the Showtime Lakers winning championship after championship in the 80's. I've been a hardcore Laker fan my entire life but even though I loved the Shaq-Kobe era (I remember hearing gunshots being used as fireworks in Carson after they won their 1st of 3 championships in 2000), I gotta say that I dig this new Laker team ALOT more. Watching this new team brings me back to when I was 5 and I'd be watching these old tapes of Magic dishing a no-look-behind-the-back pass to Coop who would pass it behind him to AC Green who would then lob it to Worthy for a alley-oop. With Kobe now trusting his team, you could definitely see the resemblance.

It'd be icing on the cake if we see LA and Boston in the Finals... but just as long as we don't see a "Just Say No!" remix video. -Chris G.

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