May 13, 2008

Boomerang - Best Soundtrack EVER!

to continue with my early 90's nostalgia, i just have to state for the record that the Boomerang soundtrack is the best of all time! in addition to such classic lines as (come on y'all, i'll start and you finish) "maaarrrcuuuss, i have no..." or "don't be pussy whipped,...", or introducing the world to halle berry, Boomerang also brought these classics to the table: boyz II men - end of the road toni braxton - love shoulda brought you home pm dawn - i'd die without you a tribe called quest - hot sex ahhhhh, i'm fucking old... -tadillac


emperor of sultans said...

sorry man. purple rain is the best soundtrack of all time. hands down.

now a soundtrack with various artists and original songs (as opposed to a Martin Scorsese style soundtrack), boomerang is in contention.

juice deserves mention.

Mass Movement TV said...

no doubt, purple rain is officially a soundtrack and therefore is the best soundtrack of all time but personally, but because it's all prince i've always seen it as an album with a long music video, kinda like rhythm nation.

as much a i loved the flick, i can't say the juice soundtrack makes my list. poetic justice and above the rim are up there though.