May 9, 2008

Atmosphere Show at the Fonda

wednesday night me and sasaki-san went to the atmosphere show at the music box (which is becoming one of my favorite music venues in LA). in the last 4 years slug has become one of my favorite mc's. say what you want about dark, emo hip-hop but being haunted by your ex, substance addiction, or battling your own ego hits a lot closer to home (unfortunately) than 26 inch rims, gucci bags or makin love in the club. the show was everything i expected plus that fool rocked an "obama 08" shirt for his whole set! here's the video for "guarantees" off atmosphere's new album: felt & felt 2, slug's collaboration with murs, are 2 of my favorite hip-hop albums in recent years. here's the video for early mornin' tony: damn it's almost 4:20a and all i'm gonna do is continue editing...sober -tadillac

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