April 25, 2008

A Hyphy Documentary? ay dios mio!

Photobucket last night at uc bezerkeley, Ghostride the Whip, a documentary on the yay area's hyphy movement, had it's premiere. while i am not, nor ever have been a member of the hyphy movement, i do respect the culture for being local, creative, and at the least, entertaining. i don't know shit about the flick but i did peep the trailer and saw that it features nump trump, the pride and joy of the bay area. as far as the gorillapino goes, i used to have a problem with him for his "fuck LA" comment, but my brother bambu got his grown man on, and so i figure i should do the same. -tadillac


kristina wong said...

hi tad, if you ever need a hot chick to pose on a car in your movie, i will be really mad if you don't call me.

Anonymous said...

whadedo brother nakamura!

i stumbled upon your blog and this ish is truly dope. i appreciate you linking me up on your blogroll sun! ayhoo, thanks again for the dvds. u are an incredibly talented cat and i love and respect what youre doing.

i have a love/hate relationship with hyphy, but this documentary defintely looks like something worth chcking out. thats too bad nump had "an l.a experience," and then took out his anger on the entire city but ya know, ninjas aint perfect. i like how bambu handled that situation.

anyhoo, have a blessed day and keep it gully bruhbruh.