April 23, 2008


what it is y'all! welcome to mass movement tv! so eric's been wanting to do this for a while now and i finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and blog it out. eric will provide a better explanation for what this space will be used for but for, but it will mainly a place for us to post our own work, our friends work, and other cool shit that we steal from other blogs. we're gonna try to premiere one project a month on mass movement tv. so y'all should at least check-in once a month... -tadillac here's a little background on myself and what i'm all about...


Anonymous said...

Word to blog, it's a blog celebration! Good shit, my homies, I'ma be here on the regular.


Mass Movement TV said...

Hahahaha. Damn dude, at first I was like "Whoah, I didn't know Tad did murals..." I really didn't know it was fake until the credits. I even was unsure during the money part.

...Forgive me if it was a serious piece though.

-Chris G,