April 26, 2008

James Brown R.I.P.'s one

it's seems like every other week there's some party dedicated to the music and legacy of james brown or j.dilla. no doubt that hip hop or music in general would not be what it is today if it weren't for these masters. i just can't help but think that half of the people who scream and "pat the booty of the invisible giant" when a jb or jd track is on...well, i doubt they were as hardcore when both artists were still alive. while i do support true tribute events (like the upcoming DJ Dusk Festival), i think a lot of muafuckas continue to make money off of the trendy dead. here's to celebrating music of people who are still with us. check out the godfather in this live interview, i didn't even know they made terminator x hunting glasses! speaking of james brown on tv... -tadillac

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