September 17, 2008

Renee Tajima-Pena's New Film "Calavera Highway" PBS Broadcasts on 9/17

Photobucket well known filmmaker renee tajima-pena's (who killed vincent chin?, my america...or honk if you love buddha) new film "Calavera Highway" is going to broadcast on PBS tomorrow 9/18 at 9:30pm in LA as part of the p.o.v. series. renee was both me and e.t.'s grad. advisor at ucsc where i was able to see the film. consistent with all of renee's films, this one is both engaging, personal and political. the film follows renee's husband armando and his brother carlos as they carry their mother's ashes back to their home town, on the way they meet up with the rest of their brothers and discover there is much more to their mother's past than what they had thought. peep the trailer: if you miss the broadcast you can watch the whole film online until 9/23. check out this interview with renee and co-director evangeline griego. -tadillac

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