June 22, 2008

KGA's "Coming Together"

Photobucket yesterday i went to the community screening of "Coming Together" a short documentary film produced and directed by six youth leaders of Khmer Girls in Action. the film examines how the legacy of the khmer rouge war both connects and disconnects the youth with their parents generation. read more about the film here. the film documents many issues that immigrant and refugee families must struggle with, but from the perspective of the children, specifically teenaged daughters. i was really impressed that six different directors could collectively make one film in only a years time. "Coming Together" is going to have its world premiere at the los angeles film festival next weekend: saturday, 6/29 at 12 pm italian cultural institute 1023 hilgard ave. los angeles, ca. 90024 i've been a huge fan of the work that KGA has done over the years. this film reminded me of the power that stories can have if told by those who live it. thanks for the inspiration. -tadillac

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Anonymous said...

Yeaahh, that's my homie Joy in front who is now an organizer with KGA. I gotta peep this at some point. Holla.