June 11, 2008

Game 3, Victory!

the scene: Photobucket the crowd: Photobucket the ticket: Photobucket the status (ballin' on a budget!): Photobucket in the building! Photobucket view from the sweeeeet... Photobucket the dessert cart! Photobucket we LOVE IT! (can you tell who's never watched a finals game in a suite before?) Photobucket victory! Photobucket on to game 4... Photobucket thanks again russ for the best graduation present ever! -tadillac


Anonymous said...

Daaamn, dessert cart?

Like your homie says, "You ballin on a budget, I'm just on a budget!"

Congrats on graduation being around the corner and the game 3 victory, you lucky my boy Powe didn't have another game 2 (reppin Oaklaaaaaand, yeee!)!


Mista Hippo said...

More like, ballin' on my budget! Thanks for the Michael Jackson mix, it's the sheet. Glad you enjoyed the game, now where are my pics!!!