June 27, 2008


Photobucket last week i finally got to see Mongol, an epic film based on the life of a young genghis khan. overall the film was good, i mean, its one of those films to see if you want to escape the real world for a couple of hours...kinda like braveheart but everyone's asian! geologic wrote a good review of the flick on his blog. it was interesting to see a film about an ancient asian historical figure and civilization, if anything it reminded me how eurocentric my education was and how much i really don't know (i had to wikipedia genghis khan). although the film stars tadanobu asano, one of my favorite japanese actors, it is kinda funny that the ruler of the mongolian empire is played by a japanese dude. like my friend johneric said. "that's like abraham lincoln being played by a mexican!". the film was oscar nominated for best foreign language film as a submission from kazakhstan! -tadillac

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dulgi said...

this film is a shit. russians made this film. historicaly uncorrect!!!!

i am a mongol man! so it was very bad to see this movie.

I offer you to read mongol secret history and you will get some imagin about our history and culture