January 26, 2009

Bambu Exclusive - When Will The Time Come

Photobucket since starting this film, the parallels between the political climate of the late 1960's and today have become more and more apparent. as long as america's foreign policy continues to bully and devastate other countries in order to protect it's economic interests...there will also be voices to protest it. "When Will The Time Come?" by BAMBU
DOWNLOAD SONG for the upcoming a song for ourselves mixtape, bambu dropped an exclusive titled "when will the time come?" which samples "jonathan jackson" by chris iijima, nobuko miyamoto and charlie chin. just as chris wrote about the human emotions behind the death of a young black panter on "jonathan jackson", bambu spits the truth about the horror and destruction of the recent attack of the gaza strip by the u.s. funded israeli military.
look out for the whole mixtape produced by dj phatrick to drop at the end of the month.

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getdownnn said...

LOVE IT. You need to make a music video for it!