April 9, 2009

New EP by Senbei

Photobucket back in february my bay area brethren colin ehara aka senbei dropped an EP titled Shikata Ga Nai Vol.II. disguy wrote, spit, and produced the damn thing himself (he even sings his own hooks!). download the EP here.
Senbei - "Social Tool" feat. Jeimil & Drizzletron of iLL-Literacy DOWNLOAD
colin not only holds it down for JA and multiracial emcees but is also making his mark in academia as an asian american studies masters student at san francisco state. don't sleep on my boy, i heard he's even thinking of getting a playa hater degree! i mean seriously, if all my friends eventually get their's, asian am. studies looks like it will get the shot of energy it desperately needs.


Anonymous said...

good lookin brudda tadillac! wen u coming back to the yay again?


Mass Movement TV said...

apologies for the tardiness on the post. i honestly play the shit out of "social tool"!

don't know when i'll be up there next BUT i do wanna holla at you and some of my other folks about setting up a screening of SONG at state in the fall. i'll follow up with you about that.