April 22, 2009

Live From The Dirty 30 Lounge Vol.1

Photobucket my homeboy kori posted a mix he put together as his days in atlanta come to an end. this chinese/japanese american hybrid is a badass community organizer, runs 2 blogs (the cheddar box & the cheddar path), is about to learn spanish in central america that is geared toward social justice organizing AND he's a fucking dj too! wadup model minority!
the mix is dope. it introduced me to a couple artists i've slept on and reminded me why certain songs stay classic. its the first time i've listened to e-feezy with political headphones and the atliens remix is just naaaaaasty!
Live from the Dirty 30 Lounge DOWNLOAD HERE
1. “The prison situation is horrendous” 2. “1-Luv feat. Leviti” ~ E40 3. “Find a Way” ~ A Tribe Called Quest 4. “The Love Song feat. Mos Def” ~ Bush Babees 5. “ATLiens (Broken Tape Decks Remix)” ~ Outkast 6. “Cheeba Cheeba (Tex Mix feat. Martin Luther)” ~ Zion I & Aceyalone 7. “Work It” ~ Native Guns (Kiwi & Bambu) 8. “Played List” ~ Maspyke 9. “Karma” ~ Cunninlynguists 10. “Can It Be All So Simple” ~ Wu-Tang Clan 11. “If I Ruled The World feat. Lauryn Hill” ~ Nas 12. “Can’t Knock The Hustle feat. Mary J. Blige” ~ Jay-Z 13. “She Lives In My Lap feat. Rosario Dawson” ~ Andre 3000 14. “Bustin Loose Break” ~ Dj Paul Nice & Korillation 15. “Sunwheel” ~ Genelec & Memphis Reigns 16. “Things do not have to remain this way”

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Anonymous said...

Hahahh good lookin out, homie! The Shroom Burger is beastly!


Don't sleep on 40 Water's politics, that brother's music really schooled me on some common sense social commentary back in the day. For example:
"And fuck the Po-Po cuz that 39% tax I pay, don't get me nothin but a choke hold and some pepper spray." Yay areeeaaaa!!