July 2, 2008

For All You Warrior Fans...

to combine the subjects of the last two posts, here's a lil something for all you warrior fans (wadup kori!) to help you get through the heartbreak of baron leaving your asses...let it burn y'all: -tadillac


Anonymous said...

Wow, throwing salt in the wound or what? Hahaha, i did throw some "its no big deal" texts ur way to save face, but a few days of the news sinking in has left me a lil burned. You will be missed, BD, thank you for giving Yay Area hoops a lil swag again. I'm not mad at you for wanting to return home and pocketing mad money in the mean time. Both the Chinese and Japanese sides say "get that moneeeeey!"


Both sides also say "fuck you, Tad!"

Anonymous said...

OMFG...LOL! Ass. That was a good one, yo. I cant even lie. =)

Tom Dubois goes.

Mass Movement TV said...

it's just payback for all the haterade from you warriors "all of a sudden i'm a boston fan" fans.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I'm a fan of the city of Oakland before all else, so I was more a Leon Powe fan than anything in the Finals. Could care less about Boston but forever rep the Town!


ryon said...

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