July 11, 2008

Pilgrimage Gets Blog Love

for all three of you who read this blog its obvious that i am a huge blue scholars fan. that's why i was really honored when i saw that emcee geologic (1/2 of the group) had written a real dope review of my film pilgrimage on his blog. over the last 3 years my respect for the scholars' music and hustle has really grown as they are hands down my favorite hip-hop group out right now. another reason why their shit is so inspiring to me is that even though we don't rep the same city, share the same ethnicity or community, i feel they really represent our generation of artists, both politically and aesthetically, to a broader audience. i mean when was the last time you watched mtv and saw this: blue scholars are currently on a 3 month doin'-it-big tour with hieroglyphics which is coming to LA this saturday at the el rey theater. i also recently found out that pilgrimage had gotten some online-ink following sundance. from the pbs p.o.v blog: "Pilgrimage, on the other hand, made me cry — which is difficult for me in 22 minutes!...The film feels like an Asian hip-hop music video, and explores the tragic history of the Japanese concentration camps in California during World War II." from the oxford university press blog: "Easily the most impressive short I saw while at Sundance was Tadashi Nakamura’s Pilgrimage, a retelling of the civil rights movements Japanese-Americans waged to get recognition of World War II internment. (One of the heroes is Tadashi’s dad, Robert.) It’s a great story, 1970s history told with 21st century music. This is both a film worth watching, and also a calling card for Tadashi. Look for him." apologizes for such a self-centered post... -tadillac

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