July 31, 2008

Journey At The Center Of The Earth & Arnel

my dude tim sent me this trailer and all i can say is clever, clever, clever! i actually want to get my head adjusted and see the newest remake of this flick in 3D, plus i'm ashamed to admit it but i am a closeted journey fan... journey has been getting a lot of press lately since they recently picked up a new lead singer arnel pineda...oh yeah, he's fuckin filipino! as odd as it sounds (and looks) this FOBulous muafucka can sang! here he is with his old band "the zoo" covering journey: disguys is the ultimate cover singer cause dude can change his voice to each song. this is him covering the eagles "hotel california": still don't believe arnel is the troof? whachuknow about "roxanne"? -tadillac

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