December 1, 2009

Golden State of Mind

2 more weeks of school and I'll finally be posted up here...

While I was driving back to Santa Cruz from our newly acquired spot in Oakland (Yessssir! Flo and I gotta new place!) on THE 580 (you can take me outta LA/Carson, but you can't take the LA/Carson outta me), the Jay-Z song came on the radio and I thought to myself, "it'd be tight if someone made a Bay remix of this." Low and behold, I got on my laptop that same night and somehow stumbled on this video. It's been on my constant rotation ever since. Peep their blog at

Absolutely, cannot wait to start working with the talented, young folks of the Bay! But first things first... gotta get hired. I've been applying and applying but still no luck. Anyone got any connections?

-Chris G.


Luisa said...

What up Chris! Try hitting up Jolly Sales at She's a UCSC alum and currently works at Youth Movement Records in Oakland. Check out their site:


Armani Cooper said...

Goodlooking out on the feature sir. Im really feelin this page too. lets keep in contact soon.

Chris said...

Sup Luisa! I think I remember Jolly. DJolly, right? I just checked out their site and that would be really dope to work with em. Thanks a bunch Luisa! I really appreciate it. See you up there soon homie!