May 16, 2009

the janelle monae experience

Photobucket on thursday cindy and i got to check out janelle monae for free at royce hall.  i had heard how amazing she is from the homies kori and phatty, but after giving her ep "metropolis: the chase" a spin, i thought she was a little overrated...but now i totally get it!  besides her amazing voice and creativity, janelle is a flat out performer who posses a power that i haven't felt since the first time is saw erykah or bjork live.

if james brown and grace jones had a love child and then was adopted by bjork and andre three stacks, the result would be janelle monae:


Mass Movement TV said...

Wow, she's amazing. Thanks man, I've been wanting some new music for a while now.

-Chris G.

Anonymous said...

One of the best things about living in Atlanta was being able to see her live (and sometimes for free! She puts on a good amount of free shows at local indie record shops in the A). Oh, Janelle, sigh, you just don't know, girl, you just don't know...