May 30, 2009


a few years ago, after graduating from UCLA, i lived in Mid-City LA with the homies Fatgums, Dallas, and Roel.  we were about 5 minutes away from Hamilton High School over in the Palms/Culver City area, which years later turned out to become the home of one of the most vicious jerkin crews anywhere, Power Ranger$.
these high schoolers got it.  from what i've seen so far, i think they're the most innovative out of all these kids that be jerkin.  crazy how they took the eastside step (or reject) to the next level and brought back the clown walk!

peep the new Rock Steady Crew.. haha


jiggajammyjamboree said...

LOL!!! It's funny watching these videos and seeing them in my office and their classes. Three students on the video are my students and they're great kids like DaShawn, Frank and Langston. Langston and Frank got the studies on too. (I'm their counselor.) DaShawn's coming along with it. Deonte (the one with the flat top) is one of the nicest kids I know at Hami. He's hella fresh.

Hamilton is home to two dance crews: Donald's Krump crew (forgot their crew's name) and the Power Rangers. Not to mention all the dancers in the Music Academy.

- JJJBoree

jumakae said...

hella dope... I have faiiith in hip hop!!!

Mass Movement TV said...

Yo dude, we should do a MMTV short doc on em, Style Wars style!

-Chris G.