July 14, 2009

Violence, Sex, and Drugs Mix

The Tarantino Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

I’m amazed that it’s possible to be more meta than a Quentin Tarantino film. If for some reason you thought that Tarantino’s movies dragged or could have used faster cutting, this mash-up is for you. Simply a must-see.

It’s from Eclectic Method who has also fashioned a remix for 30 Rock, a Fraggle Rock remix, and a remix of the Colbert Report.

(via Popped Culture)

-Chris G.

Did ya'll know that "Death Proof*" was inspired Pilipino Cinema? That's wassup!


ET said...

don't you mean Death Proof?

Mass Movement TV said...

Hahaha, woops. Corrected, thanks Eric.

Eric said...

Yo! it's Eric. you know who it is. get at me.