October 27, 2008

Progressive Guide to the CA Propositions & "The Poster Maker"

In response to Tadillac's last post, I usually don't like doing things simply cause they fall into a certain category but I think this Progressive Voter Guide is a good way to quickly learn about the 12 different propositions on this year's California Ballot from a "CHANGE we need" point of view. Check it out. -------- Tomorrow is the NBA's season opener with the Lakers up against the talented, young Blazers. I know the hype right now is around the Bynum/Gasol "twin towers" (how'd I guess people were gonna start calling them that?) thing, but after seeing the Trevor Ariza dunk last Saturday against the Oklahoma City Thunder (my deepest condolences to all the Seatlle folk), I'm really interested in watching how this dude develops. Check out this short mix of Trevor Ariza's, aka "The Poster Maker's", posterization. What a nickname! -Chris G.

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