October 27, 2008

Vote No On Prop. 4 - Protect Teen Health and Safety

with all the hype and excitement around the presidential election on Nov. 4th, don't sleep on the crucial propositions on the ballot. if anything remember to vote no on prop 4, no on prop 6 & 9, and no on prop 8. one of the most dangerous is prop. 4 which would force doctors to notify the parents of a minor who intends to terminate her pregnancy. healthy resources and support for pregnant teens are already limited and this law would make it even harder for young women to receive them. this proposition has been put on the ballot and was defeated twice already. the most fucked-up part of this initiative is that the people who will be most effected by this law (teenage girls) can't even vote on it. the young women of khmer girls in action made a PSA about prop. 4. even-though they can't vote, these sista's are making sure their voices are heard: the video might be a little rough but shit, when i was their age i was still trying to light my farts on fire. -tadillac

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