December 24, 2008

50 Cent - Sincerely Yours, Southside

alright, alright.. tadillac's been feeding us with some new hip-hop for 08 and i think it's time i share one of my picks for mixtape of the year.. i've never really liked 50 Cent after "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" but our homie Elow put us onto this mixtape which came out in june.. and damn, this dude really put out something that's undeniably hip-hop. it's made me look at him differently as an artist and appreciate his creativity in bringing this music back to its roots. while his content is still wack and reactionary, his form and flow is off the hook and it's just plain fun to listen to! from anything, we can always take what's good and leave what's wack.. sincerely, ET 50 Southside Download the full mixtape here or if you really can't stand 50, you can download the original samples here

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