December 2, 2008

Nasty Nas

last wednesday amanda got free tickets to see nas at the brand new club nokia and she took me! i can't say i'm as big of a nas fan as e.t. but i've always kept up with him and his recent political consciousness has re-earned my respect for him (i lost it with oochie wally). the show was dope, he performed everything people came to hear. more than his stage stamina, i was impressed the most by his sincere humility and encouragement of young artists. i know, its almost sacrilegious not to list a track from illmatic as my favorite song of the night but fuck it "if i ruled the world" is my shit: pacific division opened the show. these doods are one of the illest groups to recently come out l.a. don't sleep on pac d! -tadillac

1 comment:

ET said...

what are you talking about??
oochie wally is an amazing piece of music..


damn, you didn't tell me there was a live band!!
super sick..