June 6, 2009

Introducing Band Of Brothers!

Photobucket(from left to right) nick "rock" agtual, mina "the loy" checel, isabel "menace" agtual, jack "mop top" agtual

the  2 year-old music phenom mina loy (who also happens to be my niece) just dropped the first song with her new group "band of brothers".  the group is made up of mina's cooler-than-ice cousins isabel, jack and nick.  they were just booked for the halftime show at game 7 of the nba finals but since that game is unlikely to happen they have agreed to let mass movement tv premiere their self-titled debut song! 

Band of Brothers by Band of Brothers                    DOWNLOAD
the track was produced and engineered by denis corrupt jones of the band "goth jones".
does anyone else think jack aka mop top looks like a mini version of mass movement's own krissfader? -tadillac

1 comment:

Mass Movement TV said...

Tad, that's the epitome of cuteness haha. Can't wait for the album to drop!

-Chris G.