June 9, 2009

The Untold Story of The Lower Ninth Ward PREMIER SCREENING

New Orleans is back! Come & celebrate with us, America, as we go on a Spring Break trip to New Orleans! Flashing lights! Amazing food! Good music! Booze! And of course... broken glass, lonely foundations, missing homes, and displaced families. It's been 4 years since Hurricane Katrina and while the French Quarter is crackin', the Lower Ninth Ward is still waiting for their street lights to turn on.

The short 8-minute version of my film, "The Untold Story of The Lower Ninth Ward" (still debating whether or not this will be the title) will be premiering THIS FRIDAY, 7:30pm @ UC Santa Cruz's Media Theater! Please come support me and my fellow film students as we finally put all our hard work on the big (HUGE) screen.

June 12th, Friday 7:30pm UC Santa Cruz Media Theater

-Chris G.

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