March 20, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD - Otayo Dubb - "So Opinionated" Mixtape

So Opinionated by Otayo Dubb (Co-Deez/The CounterParts) gives listeners a taste of what is yet to come - Otayo Dubb’s debut solo album. Much more than your typical mixtape, this 14 track gem is rich with hard hitting original production that creates O’s unique melodic sound. With writing that captures the voice of the Bay Area streets and storytelling that will make you fall back in love with Hip Hop, So Opinionated gets listeners in tune with 'Tayo's unique perspective. He is witty, talented in his gift of gab, and oh so opinionated. So please check out Otayo Dubb's So Opinionated mixtape, brought to you for free by Beatrock Music and TD Camp of Hella Records.
Preview it here:
Otayo Dubb - So Opinionated (mixed by TD Camp)
1. Get Mine
(prod. by Tahaj The First)
2. So Opinionated ft. Tahaj The First
(prod. by Tahaj The First)
3. Raise'em Up
(prod. by DJ Envoy, cuts by Gammaray)
4. Can't Stop ft. Akil & Spank Pops
(prod. by J.London)
5. 'Round The World ft. Jallah Keys
(prod. by Danimals)
6. Fine Tuning ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y.
(prod. by Dirty Bird Beats)
7. The Dealership ft Akil, Tahaj The First and Hudathawt
(prod. by Toba)
8. What Works
(prod. by TD Camp)
9. Whataday
(prod. by Chrono Khalid)
10. No Doubt ft. Pep Love and LB
(prod. Pep Love, cuts by DJ Zeph)
11. Mainstream ft. Tahaj The First and Sakima
(prod. by Otayo Dubb)
12. Cycle Love (Remix)
(prod. by Danimals)
13. Blow My Mind ft. Tahaj The First
(prod. by TD Camp)
14. We On ft. Tahaj The First & Jalalah Keys
(prod. by Tahaj The First)

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